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Let’s be clear, you are already a VIP to us, we just want to make it official!

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We want to thank you for being a listener. Our listeners inspired us to make some new merch. It’s already in the works. We’re talking exclusive stickers, pins, magnets and trade show lanyards for starters. When you sign up, tell us about your Taste Radio dream swag and you’ll have chances for us to send you free stuff.  We are prioritizing our VIPs in the order in which you sign up so don’t delay.

Is this another newsletter? No. We know people listen, but we would like an opportunity to get to know our listeners better. We will only email you stuff you want to know about: upcoming meet ups, tips on how to get your product on the air (Tip 1: be a VIP because we will periodically thank them on the show) and we will email you before we send you swag.