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Episode 630 - :

How A ‘Casa’ Built On Taste, Not Trends, Is The Crown Jewel Of A $400M Empire

+ Jean-Charles Boisset, Casa Obsidiana

Jean-Charles Boisset, the proprietor of globally renowned wine company Boisset Collection and co-founder of luxury tequila brand Casa Obsidiana, explains why taste, not trends, is at the heart of new business ventures and product development, and what drives consumer communication and marketing.

How A ‘Casa’ Built On Taste, Not Trends, Is The Crown Jewel Of A $400M Empire2024-06-18T13:33:22+00:00

Episode 629 - :

The Best Two-Minute Pitch? There's A Theme.

Frank Sinatra famously crooned "if I can make it there, I'll make it anywhere." The "there," of course, is New York City, which was the backdrop for BevNET Live Summer 2024. In this episode, the hosts reflect on presentations in the semifinal round of the New Beverage Showdown and reveal the details that retail buyers want to hear in pitch meetings.

The Best Two-Minute Pitch? There’s A Theme.2024-06-18T13:35:54+00:00

Episode 628 - :

Can You Cultivate A Phenomenon? Graza Has. Here’s How.

+ Andrew Benin, Graza

Andrew Benin, the co-founder and CEO of Graza, talks about how the olive oil brand and viral sensation has developed influencer relationships “at scale,” why taking a bet on the upside has guided its demand planning strategy, being an “early team-led company” versus a founder-led one and his nuanced perspective on profitability.

Can You Cultivate A Phenomenon? Graza Has. Here’s How.2024-06-11T11:27:41+00:00

Episode 627 - :

How She Got Walmart To Say ‘Yes’ In The Pitch Meeting

+ Katie Lefkowitz, Harken Sweets

How did Harken Sweets, an upstart brand of better-for-you candy bars, land placement in the checkout aisles of thousands of Walmart stores just months after its debut? Founder & CEO Katie Lefkowitz explains how she secured and prepared for her pitch meeting with Walmart and why the category buyer said “yes” almost immediately.

How She Got Walmart To Say ‘Yes’ In The Pitch Meeting2024-06-17T14:22:53+00:00

Episode 626 - :

The First Thing Jocko Willink Did When ‘Things Went Terribly Wrong'

Jocko Willink, a decorated, retired Navy SEAL and founder of better-for-you beverage and supplement brand Jocko Fuel, explained why having a “military mindset” means more than you might think and how he empowers his team to navigate the complexities of running a modern consumer brand.

The First Thing Jocko Willink Did When ‘Things Went Terribly Wrong’2024-06-05T16:27:08+00:00

Episode 625 - :

‘Free’ Advice: Empower Consumers With Optionality

+ Milan Martin, The Free Spirits Co.

Milan Martin, the founder and CEO of The Free Spirits Company, which markets hand-crafted, non-alcoholic spirits and RTD cocktails, explains his belief that “there’s no such thing as a non-alcoholic cocktail menu anymore,” why flavor improvement is a process, how to convince someone who didn’t like a product the first time to give it a second try and why he’s bullish on the brand’s RTD cocktails.

‘Free’ Advice: Empower Consumers With Optionality2024-05-31T14:21:17+00:00

Episode - :

Presented by T. Hasegawa

Behind the Scenes of How T. Hasegawa is Making Life Taste Better

In this interview, Taste Radio's Ray Latif chats with Mark Webster, Vice President of Sales and Business Development for T. Hasegawa. Mark provides an overview of T. Hasegawa, a global leader in flavor and fragrance manufacturing since 1903. He discusses the company's journey from its origins in Tokyo to its expansion into North America in [...]

Behind the Scenes of How T. Hasegawa is Making Life Taste Better2024-06-03T12:26:32+00:00

Episode - :

Black Founders Club, Ep. 1

This episode is the first in a special series in which we examine the state of Black food and beverage entrepreneurship within the CPG landscape. The series highlights conversations on various aspects of the challenges felt by all entrepreneurs filtered through the experience of Black founders.

Black Founders Club, Ep. 12024-05-30T13:54:33+00:00

Episode 624 - :

Talking Shop With Insiders From Walmart, Sprouts & Gelson’s

If you’ve ever wanted to get inside the mind of a retail buyer or merchandiser, this episode, in which we sit down with key executives representing mass, specialty and natural grocery retail chains, is required listening.

Talking Shop With Insiders From Walmart, Sprouts & Gelson’s2024-05-29T23:39:05+00:00

Episode - :

Presented by Bayou City Hemp Co.

The Future of Drinking: Bayou City Hemp's Journey to Success

In this interview, Ray chats with Ben Meggs, co-founder and CEO of Bayou City Hemp Company. Ben shares the company's journey from its founding in 2018 following the passage of the Farm Bill, highlighting their strategic transition from the oil and gas industry to the burgeoning cannabis sector. Specializing in THC beverages, Bayou City Hemp [...]

The Future of Drinking: Bayou City Hemp’s Journey to Success2024-05-23T10:45:25+00:00