Behind the Scenes of How T. Hasegawa is Making Life Taste Better


In this interview, Taste Radio’s Ray Latif chats with Mark Webster, Vice President of Sales and Business Development for T. Hasegawa. Mark provides an overview of T. Hasegawa, a global leader in flavor and fragrance manufacturing since 1903. He discusses the company’s journey from its origins in Tokyo to its expansion into North America in 1978, emphasizing their focus on developing custom flavors for food and beverage brands.

Mark highlights T. Hasegawa’s unique position in the market, combining the resources of a top global manufacturer with the agility of a mid-sized company. He attributes their success to a strong team culture and a commitment to quality. Mark also introduces listeners to some of T. Hasegawa’s innovative products, including BOOSTRACT, a flavor enhancer; EmulsiTRACT, a fat mimetic technology; and HASEAROMA, an enhancement technology for isolating and amplifying specific flavor molecules.

Ray and Mark discuss the importance of technology in flavor development, as well as the challenges and opportunities in adapting flavors for different markets. Mark underscores the company’s dedication to improving the sensory experience of food and beverages. Listeners can learn more about T. Hasegawa and connect with their team at