Taste Radio Insider Episode 105

How To Disrupt An Industry? Consider A ‘Tailored’ Strategy.

+ Stu Aaron and Martin Janousek, Bespoken Spirits


In this episode, we’re joined by Stu Aaron and Martin Janousek, the co-founders of Bespoken Spirits, a modern distilling company which claims that it can precisely tailor spirits to a desired aroma, color and taste. Using proprietary technology, Bespoken’s production process can be completed in a matter of days as opposed to traditional distilling and aging methods which typically take years. 

The company’s business model is two-fold: Bespoken works with small- and mid-sized distillers to craft new products in an accelerated time frame, and also markets a line of branded products. In October, Bespoken also announced a $2.6 million seed funding round, led by noted Silicon Valley investor T.J. Rodgers and baseball icon Derek Jeter who praised the company’s disruptive vision and its focus on sustainability. 

Despite significant interest in Bespoken’s technology, there is some skepticism about the company among industry insiders and traditionalists. As part of our conversation, Aaron and Janousek discussed how they are attempting to win over stakeholders and gatekeepers by communicating the benefits of their brand and business. They also explained why they prepared for years before launching the company, how they validated their process and products and why they described Bespoken as an enabler of change, rather than change itself.

In this Episode

0:41: It’s A Togroni, Jabroni. And Why Protein Donuts + Adaptogenic Sparkling Teas = WINNERS. — The hosts chatted about John Craven’s recent attempt at a nip-centric cocktail and Nordic-inspired (but not really) cold-pressed juices, and also shared insights and a behind-the-scenes examination of the recently held New Beverage Showdown and NOSH Pitch Slam competitions. They also congratulated a juice shot brand that recently landed $14.5 million in a new funding round, discussed a new video series produced by NOSH and Mondelez’s SnackFutures innovation unit and shared their thoughts on a few new products to arrive at the office, including boozy cookies, sprouted almonds and sunflower butter sweets.
25:12: Interview: Stu Aaron and Martin Janousek, Co-Founders, Bespoken Spirits — Aaron and Janousek spoke with Taste Radio editor Ray Latif about their backgrounds in the energy industry, how their interest in high quality spirits sparked the inspiration behind Bespoken and how their complementary skill sets have supported the company’s launch and development. They also discussed how Bespoken is differentiated from other rapid aged spirits companies, the cost and sustainability benefits of their technology and how their process compares to traditional distilling processes, how they define “modern consumers” and why the cohort is demanding products like Bespoken’s. Later, Aaron and Janousek explained why they were patient with the rollout of the company’s spirit line and how they address the traditional storytelling element common to the promotion of spirits.

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