How Tetra Pak's Innovation Ecosystem Is Designed To Help Emerging Brands Win



It’s the answer to the question about what early-stage entrepreneurs need help with when launching and developing their brands.

The good news is that there’s a company that can offer help with everything. Tetra Pak.

A producer of sustainable carton-based packaging, Tetra Pak has utilized its well-known and respected brand to create an innovation ecosystem, a suite of offerings that help brands bring innovative new products to market quickly. The platform, which supports brands in areas such as branding and design services, market testing, formulation and investment, enables founders to streamline their efforts so they may focus their time and energy on their own ambitions.

In this interview, Pedro Gonçalves, Tetra Pak’s vice president of marketing for the United States and Canada, shares more about the capabilities and services that the company can offer companies via the innovation ecosystem and and explains how Tetra Pak can ease the process for start-ups transitioning from another format to cartons.