Taste Radio Episode BevNET Podcast 32

Conveniently, a Conversation About BevNET’s Five-Star Reviews


After a few weeks on the road, the podcast team finally made it back in the conference room at BevNET HQ, where we recently chatted about our travels. In this edition, we look back at last week’s NACS 2016 show, which showcased the continuing evolution of the convenience store channel. Our discussion includes an examination of retailers’ and beverage suppliers’ efforts to adapt to growing consumer interest for healthier drinks in C-stores and our thoughts on noteworthy new products introduced at the show.

Later in the podcast, the conversation turns to BevNET CEO John Craven’s recent trip to London. Craven shares his perspective on the British beverage market and why so many U.K.-based beverage companies are attempting to sell their drinks “across the pond.” In our remaining time, we delve into a discussion about BevNET’s product review process and the elements that make for a top-rated beverage.