Taste Radio Episode 49

Bulletproof Nutrition: Dave Asprey

+ Ito En North America


As the founder and CEO of Bulletproof Nutrition, Dave Asprey presides over a company dedicated to hacking human biology through nutrient-dense food and beverages. A former tech entrepreneur in Silicon Valley, Asprey first came to fame as the creator of Bulletproof coffee, a blend of hot coffee, butter from grass-fed cows and coconut oil. The recipe won acclaim for its purported benefits of weight loss and improved brain function, and Asprey has since built Bulletproof into a multi-pronged brand, anchored by a thriving website that sells ingredients, supplements and snacks direct-to-consumer.

In an interview recorded at Natural Products Expo West 2017, Asprey discussed his role as an evangelist for bio-hacking foods and his vision for mainstreaming the concept. He also delved into Bulletproof’s sales platform, which includes its e-commerce site, a growing chain of cafes and wholesale business, and its current funding round. Finally, Asprey shared his take on Bulletproof-style RTD beverages coming to market and what it means for the company’s upcoming launch of its own RTD coffee.

Also included in this podcast: a conversation with Ito En North America COO Jim Hoagland about surging consumer interest in matcha and the company’s leadership position in the space.