Taste Radio Episode 52

Chew LLC: Adam Melonas

+ Cold Brew on Fleek


Adam Melonas has a pretty simple mission: he wants you to eat tasty, healthy snacks. The Australian-born chef and entrepreneur is the founder and CEO of Chew LLC, a Boston-based food incubator focused on recreating legacy snack brands. Melonas said the products are being renovated from “the ground up, inventing new processes to make them more nutritious and delicious every time.”

BevNET recently visited Chew’s new innovation lab in Boston’s Fenway neighborhood where we recorded a wide-ranging interview about the launch and development of Chew for this edition of the BevNET Podcast. Surrounded by a shimmering kitchen outfitted with state-of-the-art equipment, Melonas explained how his experience as a high-end chef and later as the founder of Unreal, a maker of premium candy made with no artificial ingredients, molded his vision to “democratize” better-for-you snacks. He also discussed his belief that marketing should always be a secondary focus when it comes to new product development, and shared some of Chew’s internal innovation strategy, including plans to launch a series of new brands.

Also in this week’s podcast: revisiting our “Cold Brew on Fleek” episode and how the cold brew coffee category has evolved in recent months.