Taste Radio Episode 65

RUNA: Alex Galindez

+ B. Bonin Bough, Host, CNBC’s “Cleveland Hustles”


This week’s episode of the Taste Radio podcast includes a feature conversation with Alex Galindez, the CEO of Runa, a maker of guayusa-based teas and energy drinks driven by social and environmental causes. Galindez, a veteran marketing executive in the food, beverage and media industries, discussed how she’s drawing on strategies and lessons from past roles to elevate communication of Runa’s social mission and brand story to a broader audience.

Also in this episode: members of the BevNET and Project NOSH team chatted about the most interesting or unique food or beverage that they saw at the recently held 2017 Summer Fancy Food Show; an interview with B. Bonin Bough, the host of CNBC’s “Cleveland Hustles” and a digital and social media expert who spearheaded roles in each discipline with PepsiCo and Mondelez; and the latest edition of Elevator Talk, featuring Tickle Water founder and CEO Heather McDowell.

In this Episode

  0:00 – Intro with hosts Ray Latif, John Craven, Jon Landis and Mike Schneider, recorded at the BevNET headquarters, 4th of July week.
1:28 – Interview: Alex Galindez, CEO, Runa. Ray interviews Alex Galindez at BevNET Live, the CEO of Runa, a maker of guayusa-based teas and energy drinks. Alex is veteran marketing and leadership executive in the food, beverage and media industries and was hired to lead Runa in April. Ray asks about Alex’s background in marketing beginning with her foundational experience in direct marketing, moving onto her experience with big brands such as Red Bull and Burger King, the pivot in Alex’s career into sales at Facebook and bringing both sales and marketing together at Blueprint. Galindez says Runa’s social mission is what drew her to her current role as CEO in Runa.
  19:38 – Trendspotting: The BevNET and Project NOSH team chat about some of the weird and wonderful products they saw at SFFS 2017. Landis speaks about lacto- fermented Broccoli Juice from Cupful. Craven chooses Death Corn activated charcoal mini popcorn from Pipcorn. Ray’s choice is Tanzamaji prehistoric water. Megan picks Saunders Eggs. Carol liked Belgian Boys as a brand. Jeff chose “pure indulgence” as a trend throughout the show. Brad chooses Swig and Swallow mixers.
  33:44 – Interview: B. Bonin Bough, Host, CNBC’s “Cleveland Hustles”. Mike sits down with Bonin Bough, Host of CNBC’s “Cleveland Hustles” and a digital and social media expert. Bonin speaks of his role working with small businesses and LA Libations, the emerging beverage incubator, his interest in “emerging and natural food, emerging and natural beverages and emerging and natural beauty” and the differences in working in large organizations V small organizations.
  54:16 – Elevator Talk: Heather McDowell, Founder/CEO, Tickle Water, a naturally flavored sparkling water for kids. Tickle Water is excited about their expansion and Heather has been geeking out on ginger.

Also Mentioned

Runa, Cleveland Hustles, Tickle Water, Pipsnacks, Tanzamaji Prehistoric Water, Saunders Eggs, Belgian Boys, Swig + Swallow