Taste Radio Episode 80

GT Dave of GT's Kombucha

+ SnackNation, 4th & Heart


Earlier this month the Taste Radio team met with GT Dave, the founder of best-selling kombucha brand GT’s Kombucha. In an interview recorded for this episode, Dave discussed the origins of GT’s, a brand he created 22 years ago and its pioneering role in the fast-growing and high-profile kombucha category.

Recorded at the company’s headquarters in Los Angeles, Dave explained his belief that most “successful businesses come from a pure place” and stressed that brands should attempt to connect with consumers on a personal, intimate level. He also discussed why the company is constantly innovating and attempting to improve. “Complacency is a part of human nature, but I believe it’s also a version of corporate cancer,” he said. “As soon as you feel like you’re coasting, you’ve done enough or you’re great is when you start fail.”

Also included in this episode: a conversation with SnackNation founder and CEO Sean Kelly, who discussed the company’s approach to optimizing office culture through better-for-you snacks and aspirational brands. In the latest edition of Elevator Talk, we spoke with Lilly Wunsch is the co-founder and COO of 4th & Heart, a maker of ghee-based foods. This episode is presented by Sovereign Flavors.

In this Episode

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1:20: We’re Loko About These Four Things: The hosts chat about their current crushes in food and beverage, including alcoholic seltzers, Sunday night meal prep, innovative cocktail ingredients and new kombucha offerings at Trader Joe’s.
12:00: Interview: GT Dave, Founder/CEO, GT’s Living Foods — Dave discussed explained how the brand and company have evolved over the past two decades while remaining independent and staying true to its core values.
43:02: Interview: Sean Kelly, Founder/CEO, SnackNation — SnackNation is a company that delivers boxes of healthy snacks to business across the U.S. In our conversation, Kelly explains the company’s mission to create happier, healthier and more productive people. He also discusses the company’s efforts to be known for thought leadership and why he believes a company’s core purpose is not birthed, it’s “discovered.”
1:02:09: Elevator Talk: Lilly Wunsch, Co-Founder/COO, 4th & Heart — Lilly Wunsch is the co-founder and COO of 4th & Heart, a maker of ghee-based oils, butters and spreads. We met Lilly at Expo East 2017 and discussed the company’s mission to “modernize ancient pantry staples.”

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