Taste Radio Episode 124

Milk Street/America's Test Kitchen: Christopher Kimball


While debate over the country’s travel and immigration policies continues to dominate the news cycle, Christopher Kimball is thinking beyond borders. The founder of iconic cooking show “America’s Test Kitchen,” Kimball believes that all food has a cultural value with the potential to bypass walls and transcend politics.

“You almost can experience a culture through the food,” he said in an interview included in this episode of Taste Radio. “There’s context around [a] recipe, and you learn a lot about the people. And nobody can stop that from coming across the border.”

Exposure to global flavors and cooking techniques are rooted in the philosophy of Kimball’s latest venture, food media platform Milk Street. Founded in 2015, Milk Street, which produces a television show, magazine, website and podcast, expands upon Kimball’s long-held belief that — with the right guidance and well-tested recipes — everyone can learn how to make good food at home.

Listen to our full-length interview, in which Kimball discussed Milk Street’s mission in further detail, offered his take the evolution of the American palate and the food industry as a whole, talked about why he believes flavor is more meaningful than any trend, and shared the proudest achievement of his storied career.

In this Episode

2:25: Interview: Christopher Kimball, Founder, Milk Street/America’s Test Kitchen — Since 1980, Kimball has built a food media empire, one that includes “America’s Test Kitchen” and magazines Cook’s Illustrated and Cook’s Country. In 2015, Kimball founded Milk Street, a company focused on instructional recipes and techniques inspired by global cuisine. In this interview, recorded at the company’s headquarters in downtown Boston, Kimball explained his perspective that, at its core, there is nothing “authentic” about food, which he views as a “river that keeps moving,” discussed what he learned about making scallion pancakes in Hong Kong and dining in Denmark, shared his stance on trendy buzzwords and meal kits and why flavor “is what’s missing in the discussion” about organic food.
 40:40: Does Jay-Z Drink Kombucha? — The hosts discussed news in the booming business of kombucha, including a new line launched by Starbucks-owned Evolution Fresh and moves by leading players Humm and Brew Dr. They also riffed on a handful of new and innovative products to hit the office, including those from healthy and sustainable snack brand Amazi, Shaka Tea and Chameleon Cold-Brew.

Also Mentioned

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