How Do You Make It ‘Pop’ On TikTok? And, Why A Flamin’ Hot Drink Has Us Divided.


Taste Radio hosts Ray Latif, Jacqui Brugliera and Mike Schneider discussed recent headlines on BevNET and NOSH, including how prebiotic soda brand Poppi leveraged its presence on TikTok in support of a recent $13.5 million round of capital, why MTN DEW’s limited-edition Flamin’ Hot variety works (whether we like it or not) and the potential pitfalls of brand positioned as a better-for-you Hot Pocket. They also riffed on a number of new products, including those marketed by an indoor greenhouse giant, a legacy flour company, a vegan frozen food brand and the maker of beer-centric beef jerky.

In this Episode

0:34: Ronaldo Comes Home. Jacqui Is Def Into This 80’s Band. Plus, Bings and Jing. — The episode opened with a chat about t-shirts and an iconic rock outfit, Ray glowing on the heels of a massive shift in global soccer and what makes Poppi’s Tik Tok content so compelling. The hosts also spoke about the thoughtful planning and execution of MTN DEW’s limited-edition spicy flavor, a recent article on NOSH about chef Ming Tsai’s plant-based frozen sammies (aka bings), chatted (again) about the remarkable Fly By Jing and discussed some of their favorite products sampled over the past couple weeks.

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