Could Bad PR Work In Your Favor? Plus, Lessons From A Raucous 'Slam' & Rave.


The hosts assessed the fallout from a highly publicized claim of “copycat” branding (and the accuser’s subsequent apology), recapped a raucous pitch slam and shared a firsthand account of Omson’s rhapsodic rave. They also spoke about a somewhat controversial food and sampled plenty of tasty, trendy products in the studio.

In this Episode

0:43: Pizza Party. $200 For Free (Not Exactly). Storm The Stage! That… Hat. Human Petri Dish. – John made a pre-lunch for Mike and Ray and the hosts collectively chatted about a Linkedin diatribe penned by the founder of olive oil brand Graza and the industry’s subsequent reaction, and why those who already have their tickets to BevNET Live should make dinner plans. Ray and Jacqui reflected on an outstanding event hosted by non-profit CPG organization Naturally San Diego, Mike talked about a new line noodles and how his hat almost broke the Internet (not really, but it was close), before the hosts all began biting into and imbibing upon new and interesting products, including what appeared to be blue slime, very spicy crunchy snacks, Delta-9 seltzers, better-for-you brownies and an innovative non-alcoholic “mezcal.”

Also Mentioned

Brightland, Graza, Mike’s Hot Honey, Wynn’s Kitchen, Cien Chiles, Rationale Brewing, I Amaranth, Chasin’ Dreams, Omsom, Samadhi Moss, BLK & Bold, Wize Tea, Little Saints, Chuza, Cheech and Chong’s, Louie Louie, Nature’s Bakery, Little Debbie, Tootsie Rolls