Creators Are Fading. That’s A Good Sign. And, How Investors Start & End Relationships.


The hosts discussed the rise of high-profile creator-led brands and their transcendence beyond celebrity ties. They also reflect on a PSL season that started way too soon and the strategy behind functional brands that market both energizing and calming products. We also feature the latest installment of The Goat Pen, our regular series with Carlton Fowler, the co-founder and managing partner of early-stage investment firm Goat Rodeo Capital.

In this Episode

0:42: Brad Is Back. “A Different Style Of Celebrity.” Craven Won’t Leggo of Eggo Cream. – After a year-long hiatus BevNET reporter Brad Avery returned to the podcast and shared his perspective on the evolution of creator-led brands, including Chamberlain Coffee, Prime and Feastables. The hosts collectively bemoaned the early start to pumpkin spice products and continued the conversation on a few notable brands and products mentioned in recent episodes.
25:00: The Goat Pen with Carlton Fowler, Vol. 3 – Fowler spoke about Campbell’s acquisition of Rao’s owner Sovos Brands, why he’s bullish on hard tea and the potential for Monster Energy and Dunkin’s respective forays into the category, his perspective on how to most effectively set expectations and navigate disagreements between investors and entrepreneurs and the trajectory for CBD-infused food and beverage brands.

Also Mentioned

Chamberlain Coffee, Prime, Alani Nu, Feastables, Starbucks, Eggo, Bennu Bev Co., Bang Energy, Kin Euphorics, Milk Bar, Magnolia Bakery, Fabalish, Rao’s, Monster Energy, Dunkin’, Samuel Adams, Twisted Tea, Luna Bay, Jiant, JuneShine, PBR, La Colombe