Do Gen Z Consumers Shop The Way We Think They Do?

+ Jorge Antonio Salles, El Tequileño


They talk the talk, but does Gen Z walk the walk? The hosts discuss the generation’s complicated relationship with food and whether their values actually impact purchasing decisions. This episode also features an interview with Jorge Antonio Salles, the third-generation master distiller for iconic tequila brand El Tequileño.

In this Episode

0:36: We’re Bagged Out. Japan Via Montreal. Walk The Talk? Not Exactly. Mike Is Only Sleeping. – Surrounded by two dozen promotional canvas bags and coolers, the hosts assessed the value of such satchels and why brands might be better off sending samples instead of swag. Melissa returned from Montreal with a bushel of crunchy Japanese snacks while Mike tapped Google for some assistance with translation. The hosts also spoke about a recent study that revealed how societal pressures and social media affect Gen Z consumers and later praised brands of chocolate covered bananas, THC-infused drinks and breakfast biscuits. Also, Ray clarified that sleeping is not fasting.
37:35: Interview: Jorge Antonio “Tony” Salles, Master Distiller, El Tequileño – Tony Salles is the master distiller for iconic tequila brand El Tequileño. Described as “Mexico’s Best Kept Secret,” El Tequileño distills 10 expressions of tequila along with a soon-to-be released Extra Añejo variety. In this interview, Salles spoke about how the company incorporates its heritage and emphasis on quality and craft into its communication strategy, how modern consumers fit into its innovation strategy and the impact of a limited-edition product on brand awareness.

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