Michelle Obama’s Foray Into CPG – On Target Or Missing The Mark?


The hosts discussed the news that Michelle Obama has joined kids’ food and beverage company PLEZi Nutrition as a co-founder and strategic partner and spoke about the potential impact of the former first lady’s influence and political connections on the brand’s development. They also highlighted the 10 brands named as part of Target’s third Takeoff Food and Beverage program.

In this Episode

0:43: Mike Missed A Lot Of Recesses. You Only Need To Watch Lost Once. Get It In Schools. – Melissa Traverse fills in for John Craven and her excellent seating posture gives way to a chat about fidgeting and Mike’s misbehavior as a youth. The hosts collectively urged early-stage beverage founders to apply for New Beverage Showdown 25, before they spoke about what Michelle Obama will bring to the table in her new role as PLEZi co-founder and why not everyone is pleased with her foray into CPG. Later, they noted that several emerging brands often mentioned on Taste Radio landed a spot in Target’s accelerator program, congratulated two companies whose products are now sold at Erewhon and chatted about several new and notable products, including a golden milk mix, a pouch drink for Gen Z consumers and a better-for-you option for a quick meal.

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