Forget Sexy. Be Incrementally Better. And Balance Your 'P's.


In food and beverage, innovative brands often get the most attention. Novel ingredients, formulations and flavors draw crowds. And, yet, products that are positioned as incrementally better-for-you than existing options might have more runway over the long-term. The hosts discussed the topic in this episode, which highlights several new products and brand extensions launched in recent weeks.

This episode also features a conversation with Good Culture co-founder and CEO Jesse Merrill and Steve Young, a managing partner with private equity firm Manna Tree, about the synergy between profit and purpose.

In this Episode

0:35: Jan, We Hardly Knew Thee. Expo What? VIPs Always Get Perks. Granola, Beans, Oats & Vibes. – Upon the arrival of a new month, the hosts looked ahead to Expo West 2024 and noted benefits that Taste Radio VIPs can receive at the event. They also chatted about Poppi’s new TV advertisement, sampled a new line of “cookie granola,” spoke about why a “basic” oat milk might resonate with Gen Z consumers and lauded luxury brownies and cold-brewed tea.
31:54: Interview: Steve Young, Managing Partner, Manna Tree & Jesse Merrill, Co-Founder/CEO, Good Culture – During Manna Tree’s Leadership Summit in Vail, Colorado, Steve and Jesse sat down with Taste Radio editor Ray Latif for a conversation that began with a review of morning routines and why the Good Culture CEO no longer wakes up with anxiety. The discussion shifted to the interaction between investor and entrepreneur, balancing core values and business fundamentals, and why patience is a key aspect of their relationship. Jesse also explained why Good Culture prioritizes “consumer love and consumer demand” and why they both agree that “mission drives return” on investment.

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