Gen Z's ‘Natural’ Power Is Vast & An Early Take On Expo West


Has “organic” lost its sheen? Based on Nielsen IQ data presented by Whipstitch Capital’s Nick McCoy, it would appear so.

A veteran food and beverage investment banker, McCoy spoke at a recent event in Vail, Colorado hosted by private equity firm Manna Tree. As part of a presentation on deal flow and trends in the natural products industry, he revealed a shift of the most important product attributes for consumers of natural brands, and how Gen Z and Alpha’s current spending patterns can inform brands about where to invest their resources.

The Manna Tree event also featured fireside chats with General Mills M&A director Andrew Petz and Holly Adrien, who leads natural and organic strategy for Kroger and is the retailer’s innovation manager, each of whom shared insights about their respective roles amid an evolving landscape for natural products.

Ray attended the event and shared takeaways in this episode, which also includes the hosts’ assessment of Nutrabolt’s investment in supplement brand Bloom Nutrition and the acquisition of plant-based creamer brand nutpods. The hosts also riffed on a handful of new products, including Heath-Ade’s new soda brand Sunsip.

In this Episode

0:35: When In Vail, Vest Up. Time To Invest In Sustainable Packaging? A Good Match. Jacqui’s Peas. – The hosts commented on Ray’s unusual outfit and lack of ski plans before he gave a summary of business presentations from Manna Tree’s Leadership Summit, held earlier in the week. Amid the synopsis, they chatted about why a high-profile cereal company was struggling to find an acquirer, best practices for connecting with retailer buyers and a few expectations for Expo West. Ray shared his take on Health-Ade’s latest attempt at soda, while John and Mike spiced things up with new hot sauces and chili crisps and Jacqui shared her passion for peas.

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