Taste Radio Episode 619

Is Superfood Still Relevant? And, Why Is ‘Rampage’ On A Kick?

+ Quentin Jackson, F3


Dates, consumed for millennia, are having a modern moment. But can the superfood maintain its momentum, particularly among mainstream consumers? And, while we’re asking: has “superfood” lost its luster? Taste Radio’s hosts have their say. We also sit down with MMA icon Quentin “Rampage” Jackson, who is a partner with upstart beverage brand F3 Energy.

In this Episode

0:38: No ECL, Thank You. Don’t Sit Next To Ray. A Plurality of Cacao. Sounds Fishy. – Mike trolls Ray about a recent soccer game, it’s clear that Jacqui is the one to call in the event of an emergency, and an early-stage date snack brand sparks a discussion about how the fruit and other superfoods are marketed and sold. The hosts also munch on a new line of corn-based, onion-flavored, ring-shaped snacks (yes, you guessed it) and opine on better-for-you versions of legacy snacks, while Mike gets ceremonial about a new cacao drink and reveals a somewhat strange breakfast habit.
30:14: Quentin “Rampage” Jackson, Partner, F3 – MMA fans are undoubtedly familiar with the name “Rampage.” The sobriquet belongs to one of the sport’s icons, Quentin Jackson, a former title holder in the UFC’s light heavyweight division. Quentin is still active in the MMA community and currently aligned with the United Fight League, which was founded by entrepreneur Harrison Rogers in 2023. Harrison is also the founder of F3, a nascent brand of energy and mood-enhancing drinks, of which Quentin is a partner. Quentin spoke about his role with F3, why he urged Harrison not to get into the beverage industry and how he’s using novel social platforms to promote the brand. He also addresses a touchy topic that almost landed Ray in hot water.

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