Starbucks, Sriracha & Space Are Trending. We Have Questions.


Has Starbucks slipped on its own slick innovation? Why are spice-obsessed millennials grumbling about Huy Fong’s famous sriracha? And is space a new frontier for food and beverage? The hosts shared their thoughts, opined on the food selection in a $2.5 million Super Bowl suite and sampled several innovative  and new products including nacho-inspired chocolate, nitro-infused cinnamon tea and a sea moss-based chocolate pudding.

In this Episode

0:35: No Sun S.D. Yo, TCHO! Mike Is Stuntin’. Lots Of Selling. BFY Candy Bar FTW. – Jacqui and John shared deets from a recent Naturally San Diego community meetup, Mike and Ray showed two distinct ways of sampling sriracha and the hosts collectively wondered about the runway for olive oil-infused coffee. And while they didn’t all love cheese-flavored chocolate and had different opinions on pop rock-infused Oreos, they showed love for two emerging brands with sweet sensibilities.

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