The Avoidable $1 Million Mistake & How Ponyboy Won A Showdown

+ Mike and Janell Bass, Ponyboy Slings


Trademarks are important. Just ask MrBeast. The hosts discussed how a permanent injunction against the YouTuber’s Feastables brand could have been avoided. They also spoke about the impact of Uber’s shocking decision to shut down alcohol delivery service Drizly, a notable take on ultra-processed food, and the divide between those that crunch beer mints and those who don’t. Yes, beer mints.

This episode also features an interview with Mike and Janell Bass, the co-founders of Ponyboy Slings, a brand of ready-to-drink craft bourbon cocktails, who shared insights and advice on how to prepare for and win a pitch slam competition.

In this Episode

0:41: New Cap. $1.1 Billion – It’s A Writeoff! The Demonization Of UP Food. Snackable Croutons. – Ray’s new hat went unnoticed, but Drizly’s looming closure was anything but. Jacqui commented on an eye-opening take on ultra-processed food penned by Nosh’s Monica Watrous and the hosts collectively said the phrase “Deez Nuts” approximately 50 times. They also snacked on croutons and date pops (or are they bites?), sipped on non-alcoholic espresso negronis and ate Miller Lite-flavored breath fresheners.
26:46: Interview: Mike and Janell Bass, Co-Founders, Ponyboy Slings –  Mike and Janell Bass are the founders of Ponyboy Slings, an upstart brand of bourbon-based canned cocktails that won BevNET’s 2023 Cocktail Showdown. In this interview, they spoke about how they assessed the opportunity to participate in the competition, why aligning presentation and stage performance was critical to their victory, how creating a list of potential judges’ questions was a key part of their preparation, and why they encourage pitch slam contenders to practice their pitch while washing dishes.

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