The Future of Drinking: Bayou City Hemp's Journey to Success


In this interview, Ray chats with Ben Meggs, co-founder and CEO of Bayou City Hemp Company. Ben shares the company’s journey from its founding in 2018 following the passage of the Farm Bill, highlighting their strategic transition from the oil and gas industry to the burgeoning cannabis sector. Specializing in THC beverages, Bayou City Hemp utilizes advanced nano-emulsion technology to enhance their product offerings. Their acquisition of 8th Wonder Brewery in 2023 has facilitated vertical integration, significantly boosting their beverage production and distribution capabilities.

Ben delves into their diverse portfolio of cannabis lifestyle brands: Howdy, Beach Break, and 8th Wonder, each designed to cater to unique market segments. He underscores the critical role of consumer education and retailer engagement in navigating distribution challenges, particularly in the Texas market. By focusing on low-dose products and demonstrating strong consumer demand, Bayou City Hemp presents a compelling alternative to traditional alcohol. Their strategy includes a robust field marketing team and leveraging draft lines to effectively penetrate the on-premise market.

Bayou City Hemp Company stands out in the cannabis industry with its innovative approach and commitment to quality. The integration with 8th Wonder Brewery not only combines expertise in cannabis and craft brewing but also enables the distribution of a wide range of products through established channels. This unique combination of cannabis, craft beer, and spirits positions Bayou City Hemp as a leader in the market, ready to meet the growing demand for functional, enjoyable beverages. For more information, visit and