When (And Why) New Is Better Than The Original


Legacy brands are hard to replace. Consumers trust these products, often because flavor, texture and mouthfeel are known and reliable. And, yet, they’ve also shown an increasing willingness to swap familiar snacks and libations with those that are lower in calories or sugar and promoted as better-for-you. That dynamic is becoming even more significant among natural and organic brands that have developed products that taste remarkably similar to – and, in some cases, better than – the familiar items that have become refrigerator and pantry staples.

In this episode, the hosts highlight several entrepreneurial brands that are winning over consumers and retail buyers with healthier ingredients and comparable taste to that of traditional counterparts. They also discuss Liquid Death’s Death Dust, a new line of drink powders that (surprise, surprise!) have generated some controversy.

In this Episode

0:35: John Isn’t A Star Wars Guy. Blue Damn Raspberry. Stickers Of Approval. Expo Secrets Revealed. – John returns to the studio after a few days at the Magic Kingdom (yes, Disney does cocktails), Ray gives him a welcome home present and shocks the other hosts with his praise for candy of a certain flavor. Mike once again gets frustrated with perfection and explains why DNS praise will likely be in demand at Expo West, Ray and Jacqui tease a secret schedule at the event, the hosts collectively crunch on pita chips and pasta snacks and wonder if “Death to Plastic” is passé.

Also Mentioned

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