‘When You Try To Quantify The Magic, That’s When It Stops.’

+ Kevin Lee, immi


An innovative brand of high-protein, low-carb and vegan ramen, immi defines disruption. Known for its neon-yellow branding and unconventional social marketing, immi launched in 2021 and has developed a loyal community of consumers who view it as a healthier option than traditional ramen.

Available in six varieties, immi is currently sold in over 2,000 retail locations nationally, including Whole Foods, Sprouts, HEB, The Fresh Market and Wegmans. Immi has pulled in nearly $14 million in outside capital, including funding from R&B icon Usher and professional tennis star Naomi Osaka.

It might be easy to view immi’s rapid start and assume that its founders have done most things right. But as with many young brands, a lot of things went wrong before immi eventually found its footing. Patience, the founders’ overarching vision to “create a nourished and happier world,” and consistently reminding themselves that challenges may lay ahead have been keys to the company’s current trajectory.

In this episode, co-founder Kevin Lee spoke about how immi’s emphasis on community building has paid off, how the brand recovered when its first batch of products were poorly received, why the company doesn’t stress about a financial return on its investment in social media and why monthly strategy calls end with urgency about the unknown.

In this Episode

0:35: Kevin Lee, Co-Founder, immi – Kevin spoke with Taste Radio editor Ray Latif about why immi has generated so much enthusiasm within the industry, why he urges founders to place equal focus on community-building and brand-building and how honest, open communication with its consumers and investors helped the company navigate an early misstep. He also discussed immi’s fundraising strategy and why it’s selective about choosing investment partners, the brand’s unorthodox approach to content creation and why #hopecore is a key theme, how its admired “ramen on the street” social series finally found an audience and his admission that fear is personally challenging but an important aspect of business planning.

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