Taste Radio Insider Episode 104

The First Step To Securing Millions In Venture Capital? It’s Easier Than You Think.

+ Filipp Chebotarev, Cambridge SPG


This week we sat down with Filipp Chebotarev, the co-founder of Cambridge SPG, a venture capital firm that invests in emerging and innovative consumer concepts. Since launching in 2016, the California-based company has been an active investor in the food and beverage industries and holds stakes in several fast-growing and disruptive brands, including Once Upon a Farm, Vive Organic, Foodstirs, Owl’s Brew, Fish People and Tosi.

Within our expansive conversation, Chebotarev spoke about the firm’s investment philosophy, what he learned from developing an unsuccessful food brand and what role his background in distressed real estate has on funding upstart companies. He also discussed effective strategies for initiating and cultivating relationships with investors, why he’ll review a 70-page pitch deck under the right circumstances and general rules that predict success in food and beverage.

In this Episode

0:31: Cann Jacqui Get An Intro To Gwenyth Paltrow? Also, We Have A New Hashtag. — The episode opens with a discussion about a certain famous actress and entrepreneur making an investment in a cannabis-infused “social tonic” brand, the slew of BevNET, NOSH and Brewbound events coming in December and why Ray fell for this new “proposition.” The hosts also encouraged listeners to send in their nominations for BevNET and NOSH’s Best of 2020 awards and raved about new lines of coated peanuts and canned cocktails.
20:13: Interview: Filipp Chebotarev, Co-Founder/Partner, Cambridge SPG — Taste Radio editor Ray Latif spoke with Chebotarev about Cambridge SPG’s recent investment in a fast-growing chicken restaurant chain, his transition from investing in real estate to consumer brands and how the firm’s investment strategy has evolved since its launch. He also explained why “the dots have to align for a deal to come together,” the best way to pitch him on LinkedIn, how Vive Organic co-founder and CEO Wyatt Taubman convinced him to invest in the company and how ingredient and formulation trends factor into Cambridge SPG’s funding thesis.

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