Taste Radio Episode BevNET Podcast 30

The Dirty Secret About Success in the Beverage Industry


In this edition of the BevNET podcast, we’re joined by Gerry Khermouch, a longtime beverage reporter and the editor of email newsletter Beverage Business Insights. Khermouch, who also pens a column for BevNET Magazine, has been covering the non-alcoholic beverage industry for over 20 years, reporting on everything from the rise of new age brands like Snapple and AriZona to the meteoric success of vitaminwater to the fast-evolving trends of today.

Khermouch shares insights gleaned from over two decades as a beverage journalist, including what he calls the “dirty secret” about successful beverage companies, why he views curb appeal as a legitimate indicator of a growing brand, the “miraculous” energy drink category, and how a surge in new refrigerated brands is altering the distribution landscape.