Taste Radio Episode 43

Bevi: Sean Grundy

+ Winter Fancy Food Show 2017


Last week, the podcast team visited the Boston offices of Bevi, a high-tech water cooler that customizes still and sparkling water with unsweetened, zero-calorie, or organically sweetened natural flavors. We spoke with Bevi co-founder and CEO Sean Grundy about the internet-connected machines, which are placed in corporate clients, health gyms and hotels, and provide real-time data to the company about usage and service needs. Grundy also discussed the company’s mission “to make the bottled beverage supply chain more environmentally friendly” by reducing use and consumption of packaged water products.

This week’s podcast also includes a conversation about the 2017 Winter Fancy Food Show, including a look at how the specialty food convention has evolved in recent years and become a forum to showcase innovation, something that bodes well for the convention and industry as a whole.