Taste Radio Episode 56

FoodFutureCo: Gigi Lee Chang

+ Rise Nitro Cold Brew Coffee


In an interview recorded for this edition of the BevNET Podcast, we sat down with Gigi Lee Chang, the managing director of cause-oriented food business accelerator FoodFutureCo. Chang, who also founded baby food brand Plum Organics, explained FoodFutureCo’s work in advising and supporting early- and mid-stage food and beverage companies, particularly those that are providing unique products and solutions for the food system. Chang also offered her perspective on how the opportunities and challenges for food entrepreneurs have evolved since Plum launched in 2005. Also included in this episode of the podcast: the first edition of “Elevator Talk,” a new series in which we chat with early-stage brand owners about their products and their communities.

Show Notes:

:00: Intro to the episode with hosts Ray Latif, John Craven, Jon Landis and Mike Schneider. Ray asks Mike how he is getting on at BevNET. Craven jokes Mike is only in it for the free coffee but as it turns out, he brought his own from Costa Rica.

2:47: Interview — John Craven interviews Gigi Lee Chang, Managing Director of FoodFutureCo, a food business accelerator in New York City whose missions is “to serve the entrepreneur”. Chang previously founded baby food brand Plum Organics. She discussed the ease of starting a business versus staying in business and being a long-term concern. Chang also discusses FoodFutureCo’s work supporting early and mid-stage food and beverage companies who are looking for the next stage of growth.

40:45: Elevator Talk — Meet Jarret McGovern from Rise Nitro Cold Brew Coffee. Rise is excited about new flavors this summer. Jarret is geeking out on the use of cold brew across different industries such as beer and kombucha.

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