Taste Radio Episode 104

JUST Water, Will & Jaden Smith

+ Phit, Honey Mama's, Doctor D's, Naughty Noah's


Will and Jaden Smith are global icons who’s popularity transcends both film and music and across multiple generations of fans. So why have they taken a cautious approach to promoting JUST Water, the sustainable water brand co-founded by the Smiths in 2015?

“This was a brand that was missionized and born of a child’s care. We wanted to make sure that wasn’t something that was overshadowed by celebrity endorsement,” Will Smith said in a recent interview included in this episode of Taste Radio.

As part of our conversation, Will and Jaden discussed how their roles as co-founders of JUST Water have evolved and how they’re strategically using their media platforms to support the development of the sustainable water brand.

This episode also includes an Elevator Talk extravaganza, featuring elevator pitches from the founders of four upstart food and beverage brands — Honey Mamma’s, Phit, Doctor D’s and Naughty Noah’s — along with accompanying feedback from the hosts. This episode is presented by Ruby Rockets.

In this Episode

1:28: The Celeb Effect: The hosts discuss the impact and evolution of celebrity investment in food and beverage brands, including Vitaminwater, Bai, Street King, Soda Shaq and Newman’s Own.
8:09: Interview: Will & Jaden Smith, Co-Founders, JUST Water — BevNET staff reporter Brad Avery sat down with Will and Jaden Smith at Natural Products Expo West 2018 where the global icons discussed their role as investors in and advocates for JUST Water, the brand’s recent move into flavored SKUs and how they’re using their media platforms to support the development of the sustainable water brand.
21:49: Elevator Talk: We’re just weeks away from the summer 2018 editions of BevNET Live and NOSH Live and with them, the events’ signature brand competitions, the New Beverage Showdown and NOSH Pitch Slam. We thought it a good opportunity for an extended edition of Elevator Talk where we’ll hear from a few upstart brands and offer a few words of feedback on their pitches.

  • Christy Goldsby, the CEO/founder, Honey Mama’s, which makes honey-sweetened, cacao-based snacks
  • Christopher Moss, the CEO of Phit, a brand of alkaline water enhancers
  • Stuart Dimson, the co-founder, Dr. D’s, a maker of sparkling probiotic beverages
  • JimmyTay Trinh, the founder of Naughty Noah’s, a brand of Vietnamese instant Pho noodle soups.

Also Mentioned

JUST Water, Vitaminwater, Bai, SK (Street King) Energy, Danny DeVito’s Limoncello, Soda Shaq, Newman’s Own, Honey Mama’s, Phit, Doctor D’s, Naughty Noah’s