Taste Radio Episode 129

Seedlip: Ben Branson


According to the Oxford English dictionary, a Renaissance man is defined as “a person with many talents or areas of knowledge.” It’s an apt description for Ben Branson, the founder and CEO of Seedlip, an innovative brand of non-alcoholic distilled spirits.

A branding and design specialist by trade, Branson’s passion for botany, history and alchemy led him to distillation, a craft in which he’s become a self-taught expert. What began as a hobby has since transformed into Seedlip, a highly publicized and sought after brand that in just three years since launch is now carried by hundreds of the world’s top restaurants and bars and thousands of retailers in over 20 countries. In addressing the dilemma of “what to drink when you’re not drinking,” Seedlip is aiming to give mixologists a new tool to create unique and sophisticated non-alcoholic drinking experiences.

In an interview included in this episode, Branson spoke about his vision for a non-alcoholic spirit and how he’s managed the rapid growth and development of Seedlip.

In this Episode

2:36: Interview: Ben Branson, Founder/CEO, Seedlip — In an interview recorded by weblink, Branson spoke with BevNET Managing Editor Ray Latif about the origins of Seedlip and how he identified an opportunity to innovate in the multi-billion dollar spirits industry. Branson discussed how he bridged the gap from a passion project to a brand, the story of Seedlip’s first sale and — just three months later — an invite to Buckingham Palace, how the brand elicits trial and awareness through design and storytelling, Branson’s 10-second sales pitch for Seedlip, and what he drinks when he is drinking alcohol.
 34:50: Expo-sure in Baltimore — The hosts convene in the Taste Radio studio for a debrief on the recently held Natural Products Expo East 2018. They discuss the impact of Hurricane Florence on attendance at the annual event, exhibitor reaction to the show and notable food trends on display at Expo East, including a continued uptick in new plant-based and dried fruit brands coming to market.

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