Taste Radio Episode 148

La Brea Bakery/Nancy's Fancy: Nancy Silverton


When considering the breadth of her career as a chef and restaurateur, one might ask: what hasn’t Nancy Silverton accomplished? Having cut her teeth in the restaurant business nearly 40 years ago, Silverton has been consistently lauded as one of the greatest chefs of our time. Honored twice by the James Beard Foundation — in 1991 as the Outstanding Pastry Chef in America and in 2014 as the recipient of its Outstanding Chef Award — her contributions to American cuisine are legendary.

Silverton’s influence stretches beyond restaurants. She’s also the founder of acclaimed bread company La Brea Bakery, which has helped redefine bread as a premium food on dinner tables across the U.S., and of Nancy’s Fancy, a luxury brand of gelatos and sorbettos. In an interview included in this episode, Silverton spoke about her approach to cooking and food innovation and why she’s always trying to create craveable food. She also explained why “having a business is not a hobby” and how she navigates the challenges of modern marketing… aka making your restaurant bathroom “Instagrammable.”

In this Episode

3:20: Interview: Nancy Silverton, Founder, La Brea Bakery/Nancy’s Fancy — Recorded at the 2019 Winter Fancy Food Show, Silverton spoke with NOSH editor Carol Ortenberg about the development and emergence of La Brea, which was sold in 2001 for over $55 million. She also discussed the importance of aligning flavor with food, why she doesn’t manage her own Instagram account, and her work as the owner of the influential Mozza Restaurant Group, which operates several pizzerias and fine dining establishments in Southern California.

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