Taste Radio Episode 162

Boochcraft: Adam Hiner


Better-for-you booze? It may sound like an oxymoron, but a growing cohort of healthier alcoholic beverages have been finding a receptive audience in recent years. Often promoted as low-calorie, low-carb, or infused functional benefits, these products are resonating with a growing number of consumers focused on health and wellness.

That’s certainly the case for Boochcraft, a three-year-old hard kombucha brand that has been making waves in its home market of Southern California. In an interview included in this episode, Boochcraft co-founder and CMO Adam Hiner said that while the company originally believed that its consumers would be traditional kombucha drinkers, “we were blown away by the diversity of [people] that we’ve attracted, some of which have never had kombucha.”  

“It’s broadened our scope of the way we can talk about the product and the way we can market it.” he said.

As part of our conversation, Hiner discussed the origins of the brand and shared his perspective on the trend of healthier drinking. He also spoke about why Boochcraft is resonating with consumers beyond those that are regular kombucha drinkers, the challenges of forecasting demand for a nascent category, and why he sees the company as competing against itself.

In this Episode

2:39: Interview: Adam Hiner, Co-Founder/CMO, Boochcraft — In an interview recorded at Boochcraft’s brewing facility and headquarters in San Diego county, Hiner discussed his initial experience with kombucha and why he began to brew and sell it at his restaurant. He also explained why describing Boochcraft as a “high-alcohol kombucha” attracts a broad range of consumers and what product attributes resonate most with its customers. He also discussed how the company forecasts demand for a nascent trend, he and his two co-founders determined their highest value, the sense of urgency to “not get left behind,” and why he credits Michelob Ultra for spurring the trend of better-for-you alcoholic beverages.

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