Taste Radio Episode 176

Teddie Natural Peanut Butter: Mark Hintlian


If you’ve ever lived in New England, you’re probably familiar with Teddie Natural Peanut Butter. A cupboard staple in homes across the region, the brand’s flagship product contains just two ingredients: roasted peanuts and salt.

There is, however, a secret way of making the peanut butter, according to Mark Hintlian, the company’s president, CEO and third-generation owner, who joined us for an interview included in this episode. Although he didn’t discuss production specifics, Hintlian pointed to Teddie’s obsessive commitment to quality as the most critical part of the process.

“We’ve always been faced with competition,” Hintlian said. “But if we walk the straight and narrow with the highest quality product and if we do that day in and day out, quality is going to win out.”

As part of our interview, Hintlian expounded upon Teddie’s focus on quality and discussed how the company’s dedication to its employees has supported its growth over the years. He also explained how Teddie communicates the nutritional benefits of its products and why he believes that some competing brands marketing natural peanut butter are misleading consumers.

In this Episode

2:41: Interview: Mark Hintlian, President/CEO, Teddie Natural Peanut Butter — In an interview recorded at Teddie HQ in Everett, Mass., Hintlian spoke with Taste Radio editor Ray Latif about the history of the family-owned company, which was launched in 1925, and why its manufacturing facility has remained in Greater Boston. He also discussed how Teddie has positioned itself as a leader in food safety, how the company is addressing increased competition from private label brands, and how health claims factor into its marketing strategy. Later, he shared the advice that he will pass on to Teddie’s next CEO and why the company’s support for local charities and community organizations is critical to its future.

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