Taste Radio Episode 213

GURU Organic Energy: Carl Goyette


Despite sustained consumer interest in better-for-you beverages, few companies in the energy space have been able to achieve meaningful scale in a category dominated by a handful of massive brands, such as Red Bull and Monster. 

A notable exception, however, is GURU, which launched in 1999 and markets a first-of-its-kind organic energy drink. Based in Montreal, GURU is the third best selling energy brand in Quebec, Canada, according to the company. The brand has also established a consistent presence in natural retailers in the U.S., along with a growing business in convenience stores.

In an interview included in this episode, GURU CEO Carl Goyette spoke about how a disciplined business strategy has paved the way for sustainable growth, why the company “says no to a lot” of opportunities, and why he believes that having both experience in a corporate environment and a thirst for entrepreneurship have been key to his ability to manage and build the brand.

In this Episode

0:38: Carl Goyette, CEO, GURU Organic Energy — Goyette spoke with Taste Radio editor Ray Latif about his family’s background in the apple business and how it contributed to his success as a sales leader, and shared advice to those starting at the bottom of the ladder or in middle management about how to get ahead. He also discussed the impact of being first-to-market in the organic energy segment, the reasons that the brand is profitable and cash flow positive, and how the product’s positioning has evolved over the years. Later, he explained his belief that GURU can replicate its success in Canada south of the border, why the company has maintained a relatively low marketing and advertising spend and why he’s not afraid of taking on the biggest players in the energy category.

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