Patrick Schwarzenegger Continues To Bet On Intelligent Brands... Including His Own.


Between filming an upcoming HBO mini-series and overseeing the launch of his new CPG brand, Patrick Schwarzenegger has a lot on his mind. Fortunately for him, the brand’s products are designed to support and enhance brain function.

A film actor and active investor in several high-profile brands including Super Coffee, NUGGS and Blaze Pizza, Schwarzenegger recently added the title of entrepreneur to his resume as the co-founder and CEO of MOSH, which promotes itself as “The Brain Brand.” 

Co-developed with his mother Maria Shriver, who is the founder of non-profit advocacy group Women’s Alzheimer’s Movement, MOSH was envisioned as a platform brand of food and beverages designed to support long-term brain health. The company launched in September with a line of protein bars sold direct-to-consumer and formulated with ingredients that are said to have brain-boosting function, including lion’s mane, ashwagandha and omega-3s.

In a remarkable debut, MOSH sold out of its entire inventory — which was expected to last until January — in less than one week. The experience left Schwarzenegger astonished, exasperated and empathetic to many of the early-stage entrepreneurs he has advised over the years as a co-host of BevNET & NOSH’s Elevator Talk series.

As part of an interview featured in this episode, Schwarzenegger opened up about his experience as a first-time entrepreneur, how he’s managing an extremely busy work schedule and why MOSH broke every traditional rule for developing and launching a CPG brand. He also discussed his investment philosophy, the value of company management when making funding decisions and the content tool that he described as a gamechanger for sourcing partners, suppliers and industry trends.

In this Episode

0:41: Interview: Patrick Schwarzenegger, Co-Founder & CEO, MOSH — Taste Radio editor Ray Latif sat down with Schwarzenegger for an expansive interview in which he discussed the various hats he wears as an actor, investor and entrepreneur, as well as the origins of and meaning behind MOSH and the sense of loneliness he felt when faced with a challenging supply chain issue. He also explained why growing up in a household focused on healthy eating led to his interest in consumer food and beverage brands; how he and his mother determined the positioning, packaging and promotion of MOSH; and how his experience as investor and owner in Blaze Pizza shaped future investment decisions in better-for-you brands. Later, he spoke about how company management, innovation and velocity factor into his investment philosophy; the social marketing and long-term retail strategies for MOSH; and how Linkedin has supported the development and launch of the brand. 

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