Nowhere Is There A Place Like Erewhon... An Insider Explains Why.

+ Kabir Jain, Erewhon


During our conversation with Erewhon chief growth officer Kabir Jain, he mentioned that some of the retailer’s customers, inspired by its vast and unique selection of natural and organic products, will spend as long as 45 minutes exploring a single aisle. Stimulating product discovery is a point of pride for the upscale grocer, whose focus on offering the most innovative, better-for-you and unique brands has made it one of the most popular destinations for natural-centric brands and consumers alike. 

Through its seven stores across Los Angeles county, Erewhon attracts legions of health-centric customers who are drawn to the thousands of trendy, local and sustainable products that line its shelves. The retailer’s in-store cafes, stocked with fresh and nutritious prepared foods, are also a major draw for Erewhon’s customers, who represent a cross-section of L.A.’s celebrity scene, wellness culture and bohemian community.

In this episode, Jain pulled back the curtain on Erewhon’s business strategy, including its emphasis on being first when it comes to carrying new and unique concepts, how the retailer defines innovation and why he describes brand selection as both “an art and science.” He also discussed the throughline for fast-growing food and beverage categories, the prototypical Erewhon customer and its unique membership program and how the chain is supporting brands with highly actionable sales data.

In this Episode

0:41: Interview: Kabir Jain, Chief Growth Officer, Erewhon — Jain discussed a couple of his favorite brands with Taste Radio editor Ray Latif before sharing his work experience and the key priorities in his role as Erewhon’s chief growth officer. He also explains why the retailer aims to be “first” in everything it does, how Erewhon’s emphasis on discovery fuels its product selection and menu planning for its cafes and how the company evaluates ingredient, diet and packaging trends. Later, Jain spoke about the critical importance of keeping Erewhon’s customers base engaged and motivated to visit its stores, the reasons that the company will say “yes” to some brands and “no” to others, the retailer’s innovative “Dashboard” brand management platform and how e-commerce and new store planning fit into Erewhon’s future. 

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