Staying Current? It’s All About A Convergence Of Convenience, Health And Indulgence


This episode highlights notable news and new products from the perspective of Taste Radio hosts Ray Latif, Jacqui Brugliera and Mike Schneider, including an unusual cola collaboration, a groundbreaking law impacting CBD brands, flavor-driven innovation in overnight oatmeal, RTD cocktails and hummus. The show also includes updates on BevNET and NOSH’s upcoming pitch competitions, a recap on beverage-related innovation, news and trends observed at the recently held 2021 NACS trade show and interviews with two entrepreneurs representing emerging brands: Cori Sue Morris, the founder and CEO of super-premium nut butter brand Retreat Foods and Susan Palmer, the founder and CEO of Little Red Kitchen Bake Shop, a maker of small-batch baked goods.

In this Episode

1:05: Love It Or Hate It… We’re Talking About It. — The hosts opined about Pepsi’s new limited-edition Cracker Jack flavor, why we’re convinced that we have a brand competition that would suit almost any early-stage food or beverage company, Mike’s excitement at the passage of Assembly Bill 45 and products that tickled the hosts’ fancy over the past week, including a remarkable non-alcoholic canned cocktail and an upstart brand of freeze dried fruits and vegetables that is so(w) good.
21:14: A Re-Energized NACS Show — Taste Radio editor Ray Latif sat down with BevNET Managing Editor Martin Caballero to discuss his major takeaways from this year’s NACS trade show, including  innovation in the energy drink category and how emerging brands are targeting the space, new products from the Coca-Cola Co. and PepsiCo that are targeting the convenience store channel and Vita Coco’s new canned offering.
33:13: Interview: Cori Sue Morris, Founder/CEO, Retreat Foods — Latif spoke with Morris at Natural Products Expo East 2021 for a conversation about the backstory and positioning of Retreat Foods, which markets adaptogenic-infused nut butters, why she’s targeting Goop enthusiasts and how she mapped out social and pricing strategies for the brand.
43:05: Interview:  Susan Palmer, Founder & CEO, Little Red Kitchen Bake Shop — Also recorded at the Expo East 2020 show, Latif spoke with Palmer, whose Brooklyn-based company makes small batch, artisan cookies and sweet treats that are baked with mostly organic, fair trade and non-GMO ingredients. The conversation chronicled Palmer’s experience as an entrepreneur, her commitment to high quality ingredients, the challenges of wholesaling fresh products, the company’s recent alignment with rapid delivery service Gorillas and how she’s positioning the brand for distribution in major retail chains.

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