What This Big Deal Could Mean For You. And, Why It’s Okay To Use The ‘F’ Word.


As we gear up for BevNET Live and NOSH Live, Taste Radio hosts Ray Latif, John Craven, Jacqui Brugliera and Mike Schneider discussed one of the biggest deals in beverage history and what it might mean for future entrepreneurial drink brands, how a David rose up against a Goliath and notable products to cross our desks over the past week, including those of a particular fast “flying”brand. 

This episode also features an interview with Kyle Peters, who recently made the gut-wrenching decision to shut down his high protein ice cream brand, Carter and Oak. Peters explained how he came to a crossroads, one in which he saw no option other than to shut down the business, and offered advice on how entrepreneurs can gird themselves for the ever-present challenges of operating a food or beverage company.

In this Episode

0:55: Billions Do A ‘Body’ Good. Dew The Wrong Thing. Dumplings And Waffles Make Us Happy. — The hosts chatted about the industry’s excitement for BevNET Live, NOSH Live and Brewbound Live, as well as the news of Coke’s $5.6 billion acquisition of sport drink brand BodyArmor and Rise Brewing Co.’s big win in its trademark battle with PepsiCo. They also spoke about a top retail executive joining the agenda for NOSH Live and sampling opportunities for brands attending the event, Fly By Jing’s move into the frozen aisle and new canned coffee, RTD cocktails and indulgent desserts.
31:01: Kyle Peters, Founder, Carter & Oak — Peters joined Taste Radio editor Ray Latif for a conversation about why he closed the doors on Carter & Oak, which had been positioned as a better-for-you, high-protein ice cream brand made with no added sugar. Peters spoke about the company’s pandemic-induced pivot, and why, despite strides in the retail and distribution of its products over the past year, he determined Carter & Oak could not survive. He also urged entrepreneurs to focus on improving their margins, why aggressive patience is a virtue and why he’s comfortable with saying “failure.” 

Also Mentioned

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