Just How Big Are These Big Deals, Really?


On the heels of the Coca-Cola Co.’s latest foray into alcoholic beverages, the Taste Radio team discussed the potential for Simply Spiked and assessed the mission and mechanics of a new industry group focused on promoting low-sugar, better-for-you CPG brands. They also reviewed major investment deals in the meat stick and hard kombucha categories and riffed on new and notable products, including a line of non-alcoholic aperitifs launched by musician Katy Perry.

In this Episode

0:37: Deja Vu. Snap Into A… Chomps? Ice Cream On Everything – It’s A Thing. – The hosts realized that they have a couple trademarks to file, discussed the prospects for Coke’s first hard lemonade brand and wondered about whether a seven-brand trade group is truly “aces.” Later, Ray hated on a legacy snack brand and shared the delights of an organic hard seltzer line and Lunar New Year-themed spirit, Mike and Jacqui praised the surging growth of better-for-you alternatives and they all weighed on how to use a horde of ice cream. 

Also Mentioned

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