Networking Is Everything. And, It's Right In Front Of You.


On the cusp of BevNET and Taste Radio networking meetups in San Diego and Austin, the hosts highlighted the value of industry connections and linking up with experienced professionals, and why showing up is half the battle. They also spoke about a new fund focused on women-led brands, a retailer focused on non-alcoholic cocktails and spirits and new products that caught the hosts’ attention.

In this Episode

0:39: Jersey Mike, Togronis For All, Confetti And BBQ – The hosts chatted about their respective summer vacations before sharing details about BevNET’s meetup at the company’s San Diego office and Taste Radio’s live podcast and networking event at Super Coffee’s office in Austin. They also noted the launch of Roya Capital, a new fund founded by the founders of Shaka Tea, a canned cocktail that’s likely to be a hit in the office, John’s visit to Spirited Away in New York City and a few brands marketing delicious drinks and food.

Also Mentioned

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