What Does It Take To Lead A Revolution? If You’re ‘Good,’ A Star And Lots Of Farms.


The revolution may not be televised, but if it’s up to Heather Terry, it will be farmed.

A veteran entrepreneur and business advisor, Terry is the founder of GoodSam Foods, a food brand focused on combating climate change through regenerative agriculture. Launched in 2020, GoodSam’s central thesis is that by empowering small farms to adopt systems that improve soil health, increase biodiversity and sequester carbon, people and the planet will benefit for generations to come.

GoodSam markets several product lines, including chocolate bars, candy coated nuts and baking mixes, all of which incorporate ingredients sourced from small farms that utilize regenerative growing methods. GoodSam products are currently available on Thrive Market, Amazon and the brand’s website, and the company is planning for brick and mortar retail distribution in the fall 2022.

As the brand scales, Terry is employing lessons learned from her first startup, organic chocolate brand NibMor. She’s using the experience, along with several years as a mentor and consultant to early-stage food entrepreneurs, to accelerate growth while minimizing the mistakes.

In an interview featured in this episode, Terry spoke about making the transition from an acting career in film and television to entrepreneurship, why acknowledging a lack of business acumen was important in NibMor’s early years, and why a brand’s “North Star ” should guide every decision. She also explained why adhering to GoodSam’s mission is paramount to its operational strategy and how the company aligns with consumers and retailers that embrace its vision.

In this Episode

0:42: Interview: Heather Terry, Founder & CEO, GoodSam Foods – Terry and Taste Radio editor Ray Latif recalled their short interview at NOSH Live Summer 2022 and why visiting New York City can be cumbersome. She also discussed the origins of NibMor and why having a co-founder and CFO were critical to the brand’s development and why it’s important for entrepreneurs to consider the potential size of their businesses. Later, she explained why she got back into the food industry as a founder, building a team of veteran executives, why GoodSam markets a variety of products despite being an early-stage company, and her perspective on a rising tide for brands focused on regenerative agriculture.

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