C-Stores Of The Future Unite, And We Munch Together


The hosts discussed a planned merger between upscale corner store retailers Foxtrot Market and Dom’s Kitchen & Market, munched on international snack brands and recalled a time when BevNET briefly entered the bar business.

In this Episode

0:35: Review And We Shall Drape Thee. You Got Two Days. We Have The Munchies. – Ray reminded listeners of the value that comes with reviewing Taste Radio on Apple Podcasts, and the hosts collectively urged folks not to miss out on BevNET and Brewbound Live. They also reflected on Foxtrot/Dom’s deal, heaped love on LOVO (and some shade on KitKat) and went to town on a fresh box from Munchpak, a subscription-based brand that delivers monthly boxes of international candy and snacks.

Also Mentioned

Just Ice Tea, Lovo Chocolate, Kit Kat, Fanta, Keogh’s, Pipers, Gra Nuts, Slush Puppies