How Jimbo’s Became One Of The Most Admired Retailers In The U.S.

+ Jimbo Someck, Jimbo's


It’s doubtful that Jimbo Someck would ever characterize himself as an influencer, but it’s an apt description given his passionate and effective advocacy for organic and natural foods over the past five decades.

Someck is the founder of organic-centric grocery chain Jimbo’s, which operates four locations in the San Diego area. He opened his first store in 1984 and has long been a prominent figure in the development of the natural food industry.

Jimbo’s standards for selling high-quality and nutritious food have consistently won the chain plaudits and admirers. Meanwhile, its embrace of nascent and innovative concepts has earned it a reputation as a proving ground for disruptive food and beverage brands.

In this episode, Someck chronicled the origins of his interest in organic food and the development of his grocery chain, how Jimbo’s evaluates novel ideas and products and how he leverages his influence to promote values that he is passionate about, including regenerative agriculture.

In this Episode

0:43: Jimbo Someck, Founder, Jimbo’s – Someck spoke with Taste Radio editor Ray Latif about Jimbo’s overarching mission and “bill of rights,” the evolution of the natural/organic food and beverage industry, how Jimbo’s curates its selection amid growing demand for affordable and accessible organic food and his perspective on plant-based meat and alternatives to animal-based protein.

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