Can Tesla Conquer CPG? It’s A Community Call.


When car companies start making tequila and beer, all bets are off.

In this episode, the hosts banter about Tesla’s foray into beverage alcohol, what happens when the boss visits a satellite office (tip: don’t call it a “headquarters”), a sneak peek at the new digs for BevNET’s winter events, how entrepreneurs can get inside the minds of investors and why we’re big on packing vacation snacks and drinks.

In this Episode

0:43: Happy Freaking Bastille Day. MTN DEW On Tap? Ray-Man And His Bev Chopper. – The episode featured a quintet of hosts, as John joined Jacqui in the San Diego office and Melissa Traverse sat in with Ray and Mike at BevNET HQ. Melissa shared her experience celebrating Bastille Day in Paris, Jacqui noted that the WCB wasn’t as tidy as it could be (blame Josh) and the hosts collectively wondered about Elon Musk’s mindset when it comes to CPG. Later, Ray grilled John about his workcation, Melissa teased upcoming and funding-focused episodes of Community Call and discussed the value that entrepreneurs get from joining BevNET’s Slack channel and everyone shared their favorite sips and bites from the past week.

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