Hard Truths Must Be Told. Melissa Facchina Is Here To Do Just That.


Straightforward advice can be hard to come by. Unless you’re getting it from Melissa Facchina.

An operations expert with over 25 years of experience in food and beverage manufacturing and services, Melissa co-founded growth equity firm Siddhi Capital in 2020. Initially focused on seed and venture capital funding for early-stage brands, Siddhi has since turned its attention to investments in high-growth companies, including Mid-Day Squares, Aura Bora, Magic Spoon and immi.

As Siddhi pursues its mission of “changing the landscape of food and beverage for the better,” Facchina has emerged as a trusted and reliable voice within the industry, advising founders on how to build sustainable and successful businesses. Facchina’s voice will become a regular fixture on Taste Radio as the investor joins the podcast for a regular series, which will feature her take on current topics and common questions related to investment in packaged food and beverage companies.

This episode is the first (and extended) edition of the series, in which Facchina spoke about her background, career and the focus of Siddhi Capital, the pervasiveness of “bad information” circulating on Linkedin and why she believes that the vast amount of capital invested in food and beverage brands over the past decade has been to the detriment of the industry. She also discussed how entrepreneurs are faced with a shift in how investors perceive profitability and top-line revenue and her recommendations on how founders can navigate a potential recession. 

In this Episode

0:50: Melissa Facchina, Co-Founder & Managing Partner, Siddhi Capital – Facchina spoke with Taste Radio editor Ray Latif about the vision for “The Siddhi Sage,” how her family’s business helped get her acclimated with various aspects of the food and beverage industry, why she believes a great operations strategy is the key to making healthy food more accessible and how her consulting firm Siddhi Ops created a foundation for Siddhi Capital. She also explained why venture capital has been flowing into the food and beverage industry and her perspective that the lack of attrition among upstart brands has cluttered the space and made it more challenging for founders to meet the expectations of investors. Later, she discussed why Linkedin has become inundated with unrealistic depictions of emerging brands, general confusion about how an investment firm’s funds are raised and deployed and how she defines “a rockstar, unbelievable company,”

Also Mentioned

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