Let’s Play ‘Is It Innovative?’ And, Why Are Celebrities Flocking To Coffee?


What defines compelling innovation? Novel ingredients? Esoteric flavors? Unusual packaging? The hosts discussed how strategic and entrepreneurial companies are attempting to innovate in food and beverage and what’s moving the needle for consumers. They also riffed on two new celebrity coffee brands, one launched by a “Yellowstone” star and the other known for her status as a “teen mom.”

In this Episode

0:35: Late Night Radio. Coke’s Latest Cocktail. Mushroom Coffee & Cognitive Shots. Ray’s Famous Celebrity Rankings. – Ray kicked off the show by getting an NKOTB classic stuck in Mike’s head before the hosts spoke about The Coca-Cola’s Co’s continued foray into beverage alcohol and a spicy line extension, whether a Jenelle Evans’ new functional coffee brand will resonate with her fans and “B+ list celebrity” Cole Hauser’s cowboy java. Jacqui praised a brand of plant-based sushi and a tree-bark infused drink line, Ray sipped on a brain-boosting smoothie shot and shared hummus, crackers and iced latte powders with John and Mike, the latter of whom didn’t bring any coconut yogurt for the group.

Also Mentioned

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