Mr. Beast & Ed Sheeran Are In The Mix. Not So Sweet News For Some Brands?


On the cusp of Expo West 2023, the hosts highlighted a handful of meetups that they’ll be attending at the annual event, including the first for MENA CPG, a new industry organization with a mission to elevate entrepreneurs and professionals of Middle Eastern and North African heritage who have been historically underrepresented and unrecognized in the food and beverage industry. 

They also discussed a recent study that links health issues to a commonly used sweetener, a platform for early-stage brands to build awareness, and a bevy of new products, including two backed by internet and pop music icons.

In this Episode

0:36: Bands Named After Cities And Continents. SXSW Since The ‘86. Call Him Mr. Deez. – The episode opened with a chat about Europe’s most popular song and why Ray might be the anchor for Taste Radio’s bowling team. John spoke about the potential impact of a study claiming that consuming significant amounts of erythritol may raise the risk of heart attack and stroke, a relatively simple way to raise the attention of industry gatekeepers, John’s attempt to go viral on TikTok, a $50 six-pack of strawberries and Ed Sheeran’s spicy foray into CPG.

Also Mentioned

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