They Came. They Pitched. They Won.


In the midst of our Winter 2023 events, the hosts highlighted the brands that triumphed in the NOSH Pitch Slam along with BevNET’s Cocktail Showdown and New Beverage Showdown. They also spoke about the palpable energy and enthusiasm at the events and why a new generation of THC-infused beverages indicates a promising future for cannabis drinks.

In this Episode

0:35: What Day Is It? Connections Aplenty. A Sitar Under The Stars. — Ray and the team spoke about their first week in Marina Del Rey, the events’ new venue and attendees’ praise of plentiful networking opportunities and retailer meetings. They also discussed the quality of brands participating in the BevNET and NOSH competitions and how Calexo’s victory in the New Beverage Showdown reflects strategic companies’ evolving perspective on cannabis drinks.

Also Mentioned

Lentiful, Confusion Snacks, Zwita, Lexington Bakes, Maazah, Calexo, Magic Cactus, Ponyboy Slings, Mission Craft Cocktails, Fresh Fizz, Good Spirits Cocktails, Fast Penny Spirits, DIO Cocktails, Tif’s Spiked, Fresh Fizz Sodas, BTL SVC, Mason Dixie Foods