What’s Generating Deal Flow & Investment? Plus, New Collabs We Love.


Why are some investors writing checks while others are content to stay on the sidelines? The hosts discussed a new survey that examines the dynamics of contemporary deal flow. They also spoke about opportunities for entrepreneurs to spotlight their brands at BevNET’s Winter 2023 events and highlighted two food brands that developed new snacks in collaboration with beverage companies. 

In this Episode

0:35: Oh, Hi, Whole Foods. Ask And Interview. Ube & Scotch. Tia Traction. Donuts And Coffee. – The episode kicked off with the news that representatives from Whole Foods will be participating in “Retailer One-on-One” sessions at NOSH Live, how attendees can take part in a live version of our Elevator Talk series and join us for a conversation in the Taste Radio Studio at BevNET Live. John whipped up some purple cocktails before the hosts congratulated Tia Lupita founder Hector Saldivar, whose company just raised $2.6 million, and chatted about what’s eliciting interest (and causing concern) among food and beverage investors. Later, they munched on hibiscus-flavored popcorn, coffee-infused mini-donuts, chocolate truffles and better-for-you protein bars.

Also Mentioned

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