You Have Their Attention. But How Do You Keep It?


How do you hold someone’s interest after an initial interaction? What motivates them to stay connected with you and your company? Three weeks before BevNET’s winter events kick off in Marina Del Rey, the hosts discussed ways that entrepreneurs can optimize meetings with investors and retailers and how to amplify their message to the industry at large.

In this Episode

0:43: A Host And Three Judges. Agendas And Attendees. Cupcakes Of The Pizza Variety. Pickle Everything. – The hosts chatted about their respective roles in the four brand competitions at BevNET’s winter events and highlighted the shows’ agendas and attendee lists. They also munched on Pizza Cupcakes (yes, it’s a thing) and spoke about how the brand has differentiated itself from traditional counterparts, why pickle-flavored LTOs are coming out of the woodwork and how Jacqui is doubling down on functional mushrooms.

Also Mentioned

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